Hello and welcome at what will, in time, be new IsThereAnyDeal. Right now, it's very much work in progress, as you can see.
It will improve over time, but you may help us shape it already. Join our Discord to see our progress, and to tell us what you think.


Augmented Steam official

Improve your browsing and shopping experience at Steam with many features and quality of life improvements! This browser extension is based on the Enhanced Steam.
Made by:itadappsofficial
Released on:2020-01-03 13:50

Game Deals for YouTube official

How often do you watch a gaming video on YouTube with an interesting game, and wonder how expensive is it or where can you find it for the best price? This extension helps you find the best deal right on the watch page. This extension checks under each YouTube video, whether it has a game title listed and if it does, it will load current best price from an authorized stores covered by IsThereAnyDeal.
Made by:itadappsofficial
Released on:2020-08-25 19:49

ITAD Everywhere extension official

With this browser extension you can check prices and the best game deals on any page
Made by:#(dif8n)
Released on:2019-01-21 07:19

Alexa Game Deals

Lists recent game deals using the Amazon Echo. You may need to own an echo in order to access the app's page. By default it will list the 5 most recent, but just ask alexa for a different amount and it will tell you the requested amount of game deals. It tells you the game title, store its on sale on, the percentage off, and the final price. You can check the alexa app for the full list of games after asking alexa to list them if you are having a hard time hearing her tell you. :)
Made by:lordmoon
Released on:2016-11-26 17:28

Better steam

An android app for browsing steam games with better user interface, also with information like pricing history and current deal
Made by:cy115
Released on:2019-03-26 16:13

Discord Dealbot

A Discord bot for quick and easy deal lookups. ![Preview][preview-img] [preview-img]: https://github.com/acdvs/isthereanydeal-lookup/raw/master/resources/readme/deals-example.gif
Made by:Chud Bungus
Released on:2020-06-19 01:47


Display price history and helpful links on GOG game pages.
Made by:kebi
Released on:2019-09-13 04:30


[FrankerFaceZ](https://www.frankerfacez.com/) is an extension for Twitch that adds many new features and a great deal of customization. Integration with ITAD allows FrankerFaceZ to show competitive prices on pages of Twitch offering games for sale.
Made by:stendec
Released on:2017-04-05 21:21

Game Deal Finder

A simple android app for browsing/searching PC game deals utilizing ITAD api. The app can be found [here.](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onowrouzi.gamedealfinder)
Made by:onowrouzi
Released on:2019-06-19 05:10

Game Key Prices

Android app to track price history of favorite Games. Features + Favorites + Search + Deals + Spotlight ####Screenschots#### ![ ](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/O9T2ajRXARhtdnEB02PlYeZNmre8OcasGtTaJiXbd-CLvFMDcqHEKJQ_ynwl1AhqCw=w720-h310-rw) ![ ](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1jGVI9eSiDdEd2n4LsA_lQBPT3fYdfNsAUyBCxEz8VdOyPQaCebG5-XijyCE-7i-PiQ=w720-h310-rw) ![ ](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Iw53jirqnWTpYEGdgEEEcI5jObB0U61aJZTu-InFXpBcnLyCNLGzL8kdQ_C8fkkhUnvi=w720-h310-rw) ![ ](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/GBPbqjWcMU6iZ4Fq-VZJJ4bCgTYVWAPgNRpaQ82b-QiUnrxivwSSJAF96KMfaUJIDMAa=w720-h310-rw)
Made by:Game Key Prices App
Released on:2020-07-28 07:46


An open source Android client for IsThereAnyDeal.com
Made by:R4md4c
Released on:2018-12-31 22:46

GameOn for Android

Get games on sale Search for games on sale across many online stores, find daily deals and remember favorites. You'll get notified once your desired price is reached. ![Screenshot 1](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/B3XKmgWS2iPMwQlsYdi0jwc6DdUg9rVvv2ZkL7CY3yEccwkQCt7w1NZmOGZAKGVrPo0=w720-h310-rw) ![Screenshot 2](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ESOGQVRkgS1HRt-wnz6Bk3PMsk_NJXgPoVtKBUY_Fl7lKRPM5VrJaZK138qHEo3JrJk=w720-h310-rw) ![Screenshot 3](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/BI1HJlUKh7rWk3wSXl5NZyGxH49r1olCluUbeseRjoRc-ZzuyELaDbr6-hzAE9i64kY=w720-h310-rw) ![Screenshot 3](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0rd5dWBQ4muHPKA8xBGyU4xrgFujetK1Ds3ZrlRQTQF3itP1VtKpQzsV7H3ZbLKsHk4J=w720-h310-rw)
Made by:saschpe
Released on:2020-02-10 18:07


Discord bot for hitting ITAD and returning the current and historical lows, as well as a link to the corresponding store page.
Made by:Diplomaticus
Released on:2020-03-04 17:36

Juota's Lex

App created for Lex SG Chart Maker
Made by:Juota
Released on:2017-12-30 12:28

Playnite Collection Sync

Import games to an Is There Any Deal collection from a [Playnite](https://playnite.link/) library. Supports adding games from any library supported by Playnite including: Steam, Epic, Origin, Battle.net, GOG, itch.io, Origin, Twitch, and Uplay.
Made by:bburky
Released on:2019-02-26 02:14


Show Is There Any Deal data for [Playnite](https://playnite.link/) application.
Made by:Lacro59
Released on:2020-07-15 16:01

Steam Wishlist Exporter

Export your Steam wishlist or followed games and import them into your IsThereAnyDeal waitlist. **How to use:** 1. If you haven't already, install [Tampermonkey](https://tampermonkey.net/) (recommended) or [Greasemonkey](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/) (alternative for Firefox users). 2. Install [Steam Wishlist Exporter](https://steamhunters.com/userscripts/steam-wishlist-exporter.user.js). 3. Sign in on [Steam](https://steamcommunity.com/) and [IsThereAnyDeal](https://isthereanydeal.com/). 4. Go to [your wishlist](https://steamcommunity.com/my/wishlist) or [your followed games](https://steamcommunity.com/my/followedgames) on Steam. 5. Click on the Upload button that appears above your wishlist or followed games to upload them to IsThereAnyDeal. For more information, please visit: https://steamhunters.com/tools#steam-wishlist-exporter
Made by:Rudey
Released on:2019-12-30 23:32


This bot will keep an eye for you on which games satisfy your discount needs throughout your wishlist and notify you each day about new deals right into Telegram. You can also run custom queries on current deals list.
Made by:mellotanica
Released on:2017-09-14 16:25


Mark owned in Steam games on GOG.com.
Made by:Ugzuzg
Released on:2018-08-27 16:19


Is a telegram bot to find info about games
Made by:Horus
Released on:2017-08-07 18:00