Hello and welcome at what will, in time, be new IsThereAnyDeal. Right now, it's very much work in progress, as you can see.
It will improve over time, but you may help us shape it already. Join our Discord to see our progress, and to tell us what you think.

Contact us


The best way to reach us directly and live is on our Discord.

You may also tweet us at @IsThereAnyDeal and meet Zelgaris there.

We also have a Steam group where you can leave a comment or start a discussion on the forum.

General Contact

The most common way to contact us is via email. Feel free to email us at info@isthereanydeal.com. We are reading all emails we get, but it may take us a longer time to reply at times. In some cases we might not reply at all, but rest assured we have read your email.

Feature Requests, Bugs

If you have a feature request or you'd like to report a bug, please use our issue tracker. This way there is no chance we will miss or forget about your issue and you'll be notified when it's resolved.