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Diesel Guns


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Diesel guns is a mind blowing fast paced online car-shooter. Cars equipped with deadly guns (rocket launcher, homing missiles, mines, machine gun, sticky grenades and more) that are full of thirst to blow everybody up and destroy everything around. Cars that totally went out of their mind, rush around doing stuff that normal cars should never do: jumping up to the sky and slam down with a big shockwave, ramming each other and jumping on each other's heads thinking they are SuperMario... all that and a lot more insane abnormal things is Diesel Guns!! Early Access Features The core gameplay of Diesel Guns is done and fully playable and includes: - classic deathmatch gamemode; - 3 maps for classic deathmatch; - 4 vehicle classes with unique specifications and abilities; - 5 weapons with two fire modes. Upcoming Features The final version of Diesel Guns will contain: - 3 game modes (classic deathmatch, co-op defense mode and 3 vs 1 hunting mode); - 8 maps for classic deathmatch, 3 maps for hunting mode and one big map for co-op defense mode; - 6 vehicle classes + retro car skins for each vehicle class; - 9 weapons with two fire modes and bonus mega shot; - special weapon for each vehicle class; - 6 powerful bonus weapons.
Release Date:22 Sep 2016

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