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Storm Of Spears RPG


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The once peaceful world of Galager has become enslaved under the rule of the cruel and unjust Queen. Lead by their leader Sura, a band of mercenaries are the only hope left to save the world. After the death of her brother, Sura became an active part in the rebellion in order to get revenge for her brother's death. As the leader of the rebellion, she's tasked with building an army of anyone willing to risk their life for the good of the kingdom, even prisoners and those whom have never held a weapon. The world of Galager is large with lots of quests and side quests that can leave any adventurer with over 10+ hours of game play. Can you unify the people and build an army that can defeat the Evil Queen? Can you avenge the death of Sura's brother? Only conquest and victory will decide who will be the savior in the Storm of Spears. Features: - Extensive Quest Tracking System - 10+ hours of quests - 3+ hrs of optional side quests - Huge world to explore
Release Date:17 Jun 2016

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