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General Data Protection Regulation

What Data do we Collect?

Email, Steam ID

If you decide to sign up and create an account, you can choose whether you want to use an email and password combination or sign in through Steam. In the first case we will store your email, in the second case we will store your Steam ID. We only need you to have one of these. You can manage them from your settings.

Besides signing in, your email is also important if you want us to send you notifications about games from your Waitlist.


When an account is created we will also store your country which was determined by your IP. You may change it in your settings. Country is used to improve the accuracy of prices we show you and also to be able to notify you about relevant deals for games that you put in your Waitlist.

3rd party account type, ID and name

If you sign up via Steam, we will also automatically set up your username from Steam and create a 3rd party profile entry. This entry consists of account type, account ID and account name. These are used when you want to import games into your Waitlist and/or Collection. You can manage your linked profiles from your settings.


When you log in, we record your IP and create a cookie with a token. IP is stored solely for your information, so you can see where you are currently signed in from. You can delete these sessions and thus sign out from remote devices this way.

We also record your IP for security purposes - in system logs and access management as one of layers of security. From system logs they're removed automatically except in cases where we consider access from the IP to be too dangerous to ITAD operations.


We use on-premise Matomo solution to better understand our visitors and how they use IsThereAnyDeal, so we can continually improve it.

Tracked data are anonymized and never leave our servers.

3rd Parties

We do not share your private data but we use 3rd parties for their services or as data processors.

Amazon AWS (GDPR link) is a service we use for hosting whole of IsThereAnyDeal. That's where your data reside.

Sparkpost (GDPR link) is the service we use for sending all emails.


IsThereAnyDeal is possible thanks to affiliate relationships with some stores we cover. The basic "how it works?" is that when you click on a link that leads you to the store, you will either be redirected through an intermediate domain or there will be a tag added to the URL that says we sent you there. This link will usually create a tracking cookie and if you purchase a game within certain time limit we will get a percentage of the sale.

Not all stores we cover have affiliate programs, but if you worry about tracking, or are opposed to affiliate links in general feel free to go directly to store and use IsThereAnyDeal just to compare prices.

For how long will we store your data?

Until you decide to delete optional data through appropriate section or delete your whole account.

Right to erasure - deleting your account

You have a right to erasure of all your personal data. You may do so from your settings. When you decide to permanently delete your account your data will be immediatelly deleted with an exception of your user ID (random 5 character alphanumeric string) will be stored so it can't be used again).

Any public entries you may have created, like Specials, reviews or comments will be left, but author will be marked as deleted.

Data that may have been stored in logs or backups will be removed during automatic rollover.

Your other rights

You have also right to access your data, you have right for explanation and other rights if you think we do not store your data in an appropriate way. You may also complain at an Office for Personal Data Protection or at a court.


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